Welcome to our international summer ballet course in 2016!

This year our course will be held from

25 July 2016 to 6 August 2016.

As in 2015, this year there will be several groups (levels) as well as famous and experienced Ballet Masters will help you to progress through the course.  Year after year, we are committed to improve your comfort, so in 2016 air conditioning will be available in several classrooms.

In 2016, there will be 4 groups:

  • Professional group (from 14 years of age)
  • Amateur advanced level group (from 15 years of age)
  • Amateur intermediate group (from 15 years of age)
  • Junior group (from 10 to 13 years of age)

During two weeks, 6 days a week, excellent Masters from Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Hungary will share their knowledge and experience with you.

In our course, a big variety of subjects are taught: classical ballet, pointe technique/repertoire, variations, character dance, jazz dance, Pilates and stretching.

We hope to welcome you among our participants from 10 years of age.
Every participant will be assigned to a group in function of age and skills.

Dear interested,

Since the number of places is limited, we only have a few free places in each group. Those who would still like to register should do so as soon as possible to be able to participate in our course. Once the limit is reached, we will no longer accept applications for registration.

Our teachers:

Murujeva Tatyana Mihajlovna

murujeva-tatyana-mihajlovna-200Artist with merit of the Russian Federation, dean of the Cultural Academy of East Siberia (Ulan-Ude) and honorary professor of the National Central University of Beijing. During her carrier, she was the principal dancer of the Burjat Academy Opera. She is now one of the most important personalities of the cultural life in Russia.

Bakó Gábor

Dancer, choreographer, teacher. He was born in 1968 in Budapest. He started dancing at Jeszenszky Endre’s private dance school and learnt with several famous Hungarian and international teachers, mainly jazz. He became member of the Rock Theatre in 1986, than was its principal dancer. Gábor Bakó is a talented, versatile artist; he does his best in dynamic, explosive roles, though lyrical tasks are also close to his talent.

Tsvetkova Nina Vladimirovna

imagePrima ballerina for 24 years; while still active, she graduates from the famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet and carries on a parallel carrier as a principal dancer and ballet Master. She has a 37-year experience as ballet Master and helped the preparation of a lot of dancers. Lots of these dancers became principal, soloist dancers all around the word, won ballet competitions and contests or became directors of artistic institutions. After her carrier as a dancer, she became a senior ballet master in the Kantilena Art School directed by N. A. Dolgusin. Invited by B.J. Bregvadze, she joined The National State Cultural Art Academy in St-Petersburg where she was teaching for 15 years.

Prima balerina for 24 yers; while still active she graduates from the famous Vaganova Academy of Russian ballet and carries on a parallel carrier as a principal dancer and ballet Master. She  has a 37-year experience as ballet Master and helped the preparation of a lot of dancers. Lots of these dancers became principal, solist dancers all around the world, won competitions and contests or became directors of ballet institutions. After her carrier as a dancer she became a senior ballet master  in the Kantilena Art School directed by N. Dolgusin. Invited by B. J. Bregvadze, she joined The National State Cultural Academy in St. – Petersburg where she was teaching for 15 years

Ivan Putrov

The Royal Ballet 2008He was born in Kyiv, Ukraine to a ballet family. Ivan trained at The Kyiv State Choreographic Institute and at The Royal Ballet School. Upon graduation Sir Anthony Dowell invited him to join the Company, where he became a Principal after three seasons. He has worked with Mario Testino, Johnnie Shand-Kidd, Philip Haas, Nick Knight, Gary Hume, Sam Taylor-Wood and Pet Shop Boys on photographic, film and other creative projects.

Anna Generalova

generalova-annaShe was born in Krasnodar. In 1997 she graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture in teacher-choreographer. Some of her students studying now in the leading ballet schools in the world, the Royal Ballet School, Ballet School Nashenel English, the San Francisco Ballet School, Real conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma Madrid, Moscow State Academy of choreography.

Vdovicheva Tatjana

таняIn 1996 graduated in Russian Perm Ballet Institute, in 2009 earned a master’s degree in ballet. 1996-2000 Russia (Member of the Chuvash State Opera). In 2001 won audience sympathy award in International contest of young talents. 2000-2002 Member of Russian Academy of Sciences Kazan Opera. 2002-2008 England, Russian Ballet Swansea South Wales. Since 2009 Member of the Hungarian State Opera House and since 2013 Hungarian Dance Academy ballet master.

Muruev Denis

gopak-thumbnailIn 1989 graduated in Soviet Union Perm Ballet Institute, and after it, hu immediately became a member of the Moscow Ballet. 1994 Member of the Academy of Kazan Opera. 2002-2008 Russian Ballet Swansea South Wales (England). In 2009 earned Ballet Master’s degree, and since 2011 Hungarian Dance Academy ballet master.

Victoria Szabo

szabo-victoria2010 Victory Pilates Studio, creation, management. STOTTPILATES® and groupper sonal training. 2000-2012 Hungarian State Opera, Ballet dancer. 2006-2010 Balance Pilates Studio, Pilates instructor. 2004-2010 STOTTPILATES® instructor training. Soil (Tape, Ball, Wedding, Weight, Cylinder, Dyner). Machines (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barell, V2Max). Dancers, athletes, ISPRehab. 1990-2000 Hungarian Dance Academy – Ballet dancer specialist. Further education: 2013 Los Angeles, Cologne. 2010-2012 London.

Boris Myasnikov

boris-05Boris Myasnikov was born in Perm, Russia. He graduated from Perm State Ballet Academy in 2004. From 2004 -2009 worked as ballet dacer in Stanislavsky Ballet (Moscow, Russia). 2009-2013 Zürich Ballett (Zürich, Switzerland). Since 2013 he is member of Hungarian National Ballet Company. 2010 he finished The Academy of Arts Moscow (RATI-GITIS). 2004 Boris award 1-st Prize on the Vienna International Ballet Competition. 2008 on the Rome International Ballet Competition he got the Best Partner award. Borid performed in a variety role in such ballet like Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella, Raymonda, La Fille Mal Gardee, La Esmeralda, The Stone Flower, The Snow Maiden, Na Floresta, Napoli, The Seagull, Don Juan, Midsummer Nights Dream, Winds in the Void, Song of the Earth, Peer Gynt, Goldberg Variations, Firebird, Till Eulenspiegal, Wäre Heute Morgen und Gestern Jetzt, Etudes etc.

Kazinczy Eszter

Since 1991 has been a ballet dancer at Hungarian State Opera, since 1993 – an assistant of an outstanding Hungarian choreographer Fedor Antal. During her work at the theatre she has danced many demisolo roles. Since 1998 has been a classical dance teacher at Hungarian National Ballet Academy. In 2003 wrote a thesis on the methodics of classical dance, then in 2006 got a Fulop Victor’s grant for teachering activity.

Pétery Melinda

modern-balettA modern dance teacher. Graduated from Hungarian National Ballet Academy. A prizewinner in Hungary (Nívó).
In 2002 founded a dancing troupe Laterna Magica, has been managing it ever since. In 1997, 1999, 2005, 2006 a winner of a Dance Festival in Hungary. Presently a modern dance teacher at several dance schools in Hungary.

Ballet summer course includes:

Classical ballet, pointe work, variation, virtuosity, character dance, modern (contemporary), pilates and stretching.
First time on the ballet summer courses in Europe you can learn character dance.

Character dance is taught in all Russian ballet academies as it is an integral part of classical ballet and can be met in most of classical ballet repertoires
It is a stylized representation of a traditional folk or national dance. World-know ballets such as Swan Lake and Don Quixote feature character dance. Character dance classes help to develop the rhythmic, coordination and the individuality of A dancer.

The III international ballet summer intensive course welcome young students from  age 10  years old and up to professional dancers from all over the world.  All participants will be allocated to different levels.