Amateur intermediate group

For those who have been practicing for 2 or 3 years and can do exercises in the middle, know  small  jumps. For those who would like to start point classes; point classes for this group will be for absolute beginners but also for those who can do point exercises at the bar.


1 week: 320 €
2 weeks: 500 € 



Every day 3 classes (3h)
1h 30 min ballet class
45 min pointe class and  repertoar (on pointe or demi pointe)
45 min stretching/modern





Registration and payment condition

Dear candidates, within 15 days following your registration to our course, you must pay an advance to confirm your participation. The amount of the advance is 20% of the total registration fee. If you choose our selected hotel, the amount of the advance is 20% + 100 EUR of reservation fee. You can cancel your reservation 1 month before the scheduled date of your arrival to the hotel; otherwise, the booking fee will not be refunded.

Bank account number: 1177-3078-0028-7546
Bank name: OTP NyRt.
IBAN: HU28 1177 3078 0028 7546 0000 0000
Name: Kirejko Dmitrij
Adress : 1142 Budapest, Horvát Boldizsár utca 2
Notice: ballet summer course

Schedule 2023:

13:00-14:30 ballet class
14:40-15:25 pointe class and repertoire
15:35-16:20 modern/ stretching