Welcome to our 10 th international summer ballet course in 2024!

This year our course will be held from 29 July 2024 to 10 August 2024

We are glad to inform that our ballet courses will take place this summer.
However, because of COVID19 pandemic we have to provide safety for the students. Therefore, the following rules are to be compulsory for everybody. Those who break the rules might be expelled from the courses.
1. To keep a safe distance between people the groups will be 8 – 15 students depending on the size of the classroom.
2. The break between the end of the class and the beginning of the next one will be 15 – 20 min in order to ventilate and wash the classroom and sanitize the ballet bars. During the break students are not allowed to stay in the classroom.
3. Students must use hand sanitizers before and after the class. (sanitizers will be provided)
4. Students cannot leave personal belongings in the cloakroom after the classes are over. The cloakroom will be washed and sanitized regularly.
5. Students must put on shoe covers before entering the courses. Shoe covers will be placed near the entrance.
6. Sick students cannot enter the premises and attend classes.
7. An open day for parents and friends will not be organized this year.
8. Accompanying persons are not allowed in the premises.

This year the number of students is limited so register as soon as you can if you wish to participate. After the maximum number of participants has been enrolled, the registration will be stopped.

As in 2014 –  2023 this year there will be several groups (levels) as well as famous and experienced Ballet Masters will help you to progress through the course.  Year after year, we are committed to improve your comfort, so in 2020 all our ballet studios have air conditioner!
In 2024, there will be 7 groups:

During two weeks, 6 days a week, excellent Masters from Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Hungary will share their knowledge and experience with you. In our course, a big variety of subjects are taught: classical ballet, pointe technique/repertoire, variations, character dance, jazz dance, Pilates and stretching.

We hope to welcome you among our participants from 10 years of age. Every participant will be assigned to a group in function of age and skills.


Our teachers

Pokhodnykh Ellina

Ballet Soloist – Member of the Hungarian State Opera since 2017.

National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, department of Choreography  –  Master's
Degree in Choreography, Kyiv, Ukraine. (2013 – 2015).

Karpenko-Kary Kiev National University, department of  Stage Direction of Classic
Ballet  –   Bachelor’s Degree, Kyiv, Ukraine. (2009 –2013).

Dan’kevich Odessa College of Culture and Art, department of Classic Choreography,
Odessa, Ukraine (2005-2009). Teacher:  Barysheva Natalia, People’s Artist of Ukraine.


The 3rd International Ballet Competition of ballet dancers in Astana  –  Second Prize;
The special prize "For the academism in classical dance performance" (2016).
IX Korea International Ballet Competition  –  Diploma, Special Prize – Korea Ballet
Foundation Award (2016).
International Ballet Competition “GRAN PRIX OF SIBERIA”  –   Bronze Medal (2014).
Varna International Ballet Competition (2008)
“Kiev International Ballet Competition”  –  Second Prize (2007).
International Competition Yuri Grigorovich "Young ballet of the world" –  Bronze Medal
Berlin International Ballet Competition “TANZOLYMP” (2005).

Awards and recognitions:
Governor Grant for achievement in Choreography  – Odessa, Ukraine (2007).
Best female ballet dancer of the 2018/2019 season – Hungarian national ballet company

Professional work:
Hungarian National Ballet  – Soloist (2017-).
Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet – Principal (2009 -2017).

Guest appearances:
Art-Stage  –  presented as Principal dancer, Germany (2017).
Grand Ballet Gala Japan  –  Osaka (2016).
Promoconcert – presented as Principal dancer of Odessa National Academic Opera
and Ballet Theatre, Spain, Portugal (2015).
Moscow Ballet – USA, Canada (2007).
Teaching Ballet classes experience:
2022, 2023 – Summer Ballet Masterclass Croatia (Zagreb) – Classical ballet class,
Variation class.

Vdovicheva Tatjana

таняIn 1996 graduated in Russian Perm Ballet Institute, in 2009 earned a master’s degree in ballet. 1996-2000 Russia (Member of the Chuvash State Opera). In 2001 won audience sympathy award in International contest of young talents. 2000-2002 Member of Russian Academy of Sciences Kazan Opera. 2002-2008 England, Russian Ballet Swansea South Wales. Since 2009 Member of the Hungarian State Opera House and since 2013 Hungarian Dance Academy ballet master.

Ganna Muromtseva

Born in Kyiv and started training at ballet school “Fors”.

At 2011 finished Kyiv State Ballet School and joined the ballet company of National Opera and Ballet theatre in Kyiv.

At 2014 promoted to First Soloist, 2022 – prima Ballerina.

 In repertoire such roles as Princess Aurora, princess Florine,Lilac Fairy in “Sleeping beauty”; Clara or Princess Mary in “The Nutckracker”;  Odette-Odile, Pas de trois, big Swans, brides in “Swan Lake”; Cinderella in “Cinderella”; Henrietta in “Raymonda”; Kitrie, Queen of Dryads, bridesmaid in “Don Quixote”; Summer in “Bal Masquerade” chor. V. Malakhov.

 In 2022 joined Hungarian National Ballet in Budapest and debuted as Odette-Odile in “Swan Lake” by Rudi van Danzing. Also performed as Marie in “Nutcracker”, Queen of Dryads in “Don Quixote”, Pas de Quatre in “5 tangos”, etc. 

Laureate of international competitions Fouette Artek International Ballet Competition, Crimea – Junior category 1st prize (2007)
Dance Without Borders International Ballet Competition, Kyiv – Junior category 2nd prize (2007)
The Crystal Shoe International Ballet Competition, Kharkiv – Junior category 2nd prize (2007).

Golovina Yuliya

Education: 2004-graduated from Kiev Academy Ballet SchoolProfessional experience: 2015-present ” Hungarian National Ballet”2012–2015 “Connecticut Ballet “ company (soloist), ballet teacher; 2012–2015 “Benjamin Briones ballet company (soloist);2012-2015 ” Young Dancers In Repertory” ballet teacher; 2008-2012 “Crown of Russian Ballet” company (principal),Moscow;2004-2012 “Imperial Russian Ballet” company (soloist) ,Moscow2012-2014 ” Brighton Ballet Theater” ballet teacher, soloist dancer; Stretching and work on muscles straingth class for kids.In 2016 Yuliya attended pilates course ” Stott pilates. Essential & intermediate mat” Since then she’s been working with professional dancers from Hungarian National Ballet company, youngstudents of dance studios & also with clients without any experience in dance.  ” Pilates it’s a mindful workout so it gives my clients much better understanding of their own bodies. It’s alsovery safe & effective, we make all of the weak parts stronger & always work equally with all group of mussels. For classes with professional dancers & students I have a special workout that includes pilates exercises and exercises that been made specially for dancers to improve their abilities. All workout builds on anatomy knowledge & will be modified according client’s body type & alignment if needed.

Chernakova Olga

Hungarian State Opera – Female Semi-soloist,Hungarian National Ballet Institute – teacher of classical ballet. Education:
Classical ballet methodology at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts in Moscow – Ballet Master in Classical Ballet (2018–2020)
Ballet Master in Classical Ballet at the Moscow Academy of Professional Competencies – Choreographer (2019–2020)
Kyiv National Ivan Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University – Organiser of Theatre Affairs and Professional Teacher, major in “Ballet Master” (2016–2018)

Kirejko Dmitrij

Ballet dancer Hungarian National State Opera since 2001, Hungarian National Ballet Institute teacher of classical Ballet since 2019
Ballet Master in Classical Ballet at the Moscow Academy of Professional Competencies – Choreographer (2019-2020)
Kiev National Ivan Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University – Organiser of Theatre Affairs and Professional Teacher, major in ‘Ballet Master’ 2016-2018
Hungarian Ballet Academy (1996-2001)
Kiev State Choreographic School (1991-1996)
Alekszandr Zubov, Jenő Gál, Simon Mottram, Imre Dózsa

Kosyreva Diana

– Laureate of international ballet competitions.
– Soloist with the Hungarian National Ballet since 2018. – Teacher-Ballet Master, graduate of GITIS 2020. Professional experience:
Graduated from the Moscow Ballet College in 2008, class of N. Kuzmina. After graduation, was accepted in the State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet by N.Kasatkina and V. Vasilev. Repertoire teacher-tutor – People’s Artist of Russia Nadezhda Pavlova.
Gold medal – International competition “Grand Prix of Siberia” 2014; Bronze medal – International Competition of Ballet Dancers and Choreographers, Moscow 2013;
Finalist’s diploma and special prize – International competition “Arabesque”, Perm, 2012;
Gold medal of the M.Esambayev International Festival-Competition, 2014, Winner of the federal grant “Young Talents”.
2020 – graduation from the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts – GITIS, Ballet Master’s Faculty, profile: “Pedagogy of Ballet”. Masters: J.Sekh and E.Andrienko.
During the following year, as a teacher, collaborated with «Ballet Phillippines» (Phillipines) , «Encinitas Ballet Academy» (California, USA) and provided individual lessons, improving personal choreographic skills for students of ballet schools, as well as sports schools.

Yakushkina Nataliia

Education and training:
Kiev State Ballet School (1993-2001)
Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television named after I.K. Karpenko Karogo (2003-2009) – choerographer, classical ballet teacher

Professional work:

Hungarian State Opera and Hungarian National Ballet Institute ballet master since 2022

National Opera of Ukraine named after T.G. Shevchenko (2001 – 2022)

Muruev Denis

gopak-thumbnailIn 1989 graduated in Soviet Union Perm Ballet Institute, and after it, hu immediately became a member of the Moscow Ballet. 1994 Member of the Academy of Kazan Opera. 2002-2008 Russian Ballet Swansea South Wales (England). In 2009 earned Ballet Master’s degree, and since 2011 Hungarian Dance Academy ballet master.

 Anna Generalova

generalova-annaShe was born in Krasnodar. In 1997 she graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture in teacher-choreographer. Some of her students studying now in the leading ballet schools in the world, the Royal Ballet School, Ballet School Nashenel English, the San Francisco Ballet School, Real conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma Madrid, Moscow State Academy of choreography.

Pétery Melinda

modern-balettA modern dance teacher. Graduated from Hungarian National Ballet Academy. A prizewinner in Hungary (Nívó).In 2002 founded a dancing troupe Laterna Magica, has been managing it ever since. In 1997, 1999, 2005, 2006 a winner of a Dance Festival in Hungary. Presently a modern dance teacher at several dance schools in Hungary.

Katalin Stáry

She started his career as a dancer in 2004 at the Budapest Dance Theatre, where she work eight years, then for two years she was a member of the Zoltán Fodor Company of Inversedance. In 2014, she was admitted to the Szeged Contemporary Ballet, where she danced for four years. She is currently a freelance dancer. During her career, she worked with many domestic and foreign masters and choreographers.
She has been teaching modern dance to both children and adults for years.
She is qualified as an instructor of preventive spine training and stretching, as well as a teacher. She obtained her diploma in teaching at ELTE.
Since 2020, she has been teaching at the Hungarian National Ballet Institute as a modern dance instructor.

Ballet summer course includes:

Classical ballet, pointe work, variation, virtuosity, character dance, modern (contemporary), pilates and stretching. First time on the ballet summer courses in Europe you can learn character dance.

Character dance is taught in all Russian ballet academies as it is an integral part of classical ballet and can be met in most of classical ballet repertoiresIt is a stylized representation of a traditional folk or national dance. World-know ballets such as Swan Lake and Don Quixote feature character dance. Character dance classes help to develop the rhythmic, coordination and the individuality of A dancer.

The IV international ballet summer intensive course welcome young students from  age 10  years old and up to professional dancers from all over the world.  All participants will be allocated to different levels.